Adele just didn’t have time

Gossip gave an anniversary concert at Berlin’s Tempodrom to mark the tenth anniversary of the release of their legendary album “Music For Men”.

A little bit of colour was added. Hannah Billie now wears light blue eye shadow and pink on her cheeks. The occasion for the embellishment of her iconic black and white portrait, which is hugely resplendent in the background of the stage, is the tenth anniversary of “Music For Men”. It’s the album whose cover features the gossip drummer, the album that catapulted the band from Portland to another galaxy, into big halls, TV shows and fashion shows. Their hit “Heavy Cross” was in the charts for months and played everywhere where there was a speaker.

The record changed the lives of the Gossip members, for which singer Beth Ditto gave a short speech at the anniversary concert at Berlin’s Tempodrom to thank them. “I didn’t have health insurance before ‘Music For Men’,” says the musician, who grew up in a trailer park. Because so many people had bought the album and concert tickets, her eyesight, voice and life had been saved. She is very grateful for this.

The dancer rock sound has held up well

And guitarist Nathan Howdeshell aka Brace Paine adds that he bought his mother a house. One grants this sympathetic trio from the bottom of one’s heart, especially since they have now reunited after their separation in 2015 and two solo albums by Ditto.

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